Leading a healthy, active life is crucial to us all. We believe that it is essential that all pupils engage and participate in a range of sports from an early age before pursuing sports of particular interest to them. Our programme is designed to encourage every individual to identify their sporting passion and develop their performance through opportunities to practice, compete and work as part of a team.

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Our Sports, Health and Wellness programme is multifaceted in design and is a key strand of our extended curriculum. It is designed to encourage all pupils to enjoy physical activity, competition, teamwork and access to the great outdoors while promoting the benefits of a holistic, well balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

House Sports Competition
Aligned to our curriculum, we organise a year-round, inclusive house competition programme in a range of sports. This brings pupils of all abilities together to represent their house as a team working towards a common goal. 

Sports Academy
Pupils who develop greater ability and excel in sport also have the opportunity to compete at a higher level. We organise after school training and external competition for pupils in school teams.

We make every effort to accommodate individuals with exceptional ability or potential by facilitating their training requirements. 

We are fortunate to have superb sporting facilities which include a senior and junior all weather sports field, basketball court, indoor swimming pool, dance studio and multi use recreational areas.