Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is unique in design and has been developed and refined for almost two decades, drawing on the experience and expertise of the British School Foundation in establishing successful schools all over the world. 

It is aspirational, inspiring pupils to flourish both personally and academically and designed with three key outcomes in mind:

Strong Academic Foundations
To provide pupils with the strong academic foundations on which educational and professional success are built.

Decision Making
To equip pupils with the experience and confidence to make effective decisions that shape their environment.

To guide pupils towards personal character traits that will serve them well and enable them to contribute positively to their community

Teacher helping student with iPad

The English National Curriculum is a starting point for our curriculum but we go well beyond its limitations. Our Integrated Curriculum places additional focus on developing the personal attributes of our pupils, fully preparing them for the rigours of the IGCSE and A level.  Success in these essential formal qualifications provides a clear pathway to the best universities in the world. 

We believe that our school curriculum stands out for several reasons. 

It is unique
In Primary and Secondary School, our mentoring programme supports both the personal and academic development of every individual. 

Mentors know their pupils exceptionally well and are able to form strong, positive relationships with parents, ensuring that pupil wellbeing is always a priority. 

As pupils move through the school they experience significant choice in some elements of their curriculum under the guidance of their mentor. This enables them to pursue their passions and areas of interest. 

This results in a unique experience for each pupil. 

It is uncompromising
One of our core beliefs is that every individual can and will succeed at our school. 
We adopt an uncompromising approach for all pupils to achieve the highest standards of attainment in the core curriculum subjects of English, Maths, Spanish and Science. 
Our programme is designed to support proficiency in both English and Spanish, ensuring a high level of competency and confidence in both languages.  

While the development of knowledge and skills is crucial, we place an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking, consolidating the ability of pupils to work independently and collaboratively. 

Pupils who complete their education at BISM will achieve qualifications and qualities that enable them to compete for places at the best universities worldwide and fulfill their personal and professional aspirations. 

It is holistic
The personal development of pupils is our number one priority and we place great emphasis on developing the key qualities that we believe underpin success.

A vibrant house system, challenging outward bounds programme, pupil voice and school service initiatives provide ample opportunities for pupils to demonstrate these character traits while taking greater responsibility in shaping their school experience.  

In addition to a rigorous and challenging academic programme, BISM offers vibrant Sports, Music and  Arts programmes in which pupils are presented with many opportunities to participate, collaborate, perform and excel. 

It is global
Our curriculum is global in outlook and reflects the international nature of the school community.

It incorporates the core values associated with British education and applies them to a diverse range of experiences and curriculum content.  

Pupils are encouraged to develop an awareness of the world beyond their immediate context and engage in important global themes through the wide range of educational opportunities that they experience at BISM.