Amazing Athletics

Amazing Athletics
Monday, May 24, 2021

It has been a fun-filled sporting extravaganza this week as all the pupils in the school competed in Sports day events. From Foundation Stage to Year 10, pupils have been running, jumping, and throwing their way to success! 

Foundation Stage competed in the sack race, football shoot out and throwing events, finishing off with some close run races and a water balloon competition against their teachers, which they won, without the teachers getting wet (thankfully!)

The Primary pupils competed in their field events on Monday, throwing javelin and neuf balls for distance, standing long jump and lateral jumps. The races on Tuesday were a huge hit, with all the houses being represented in the finals. A tug of war rounded off the morning, with the Vikings and Romans standing out for their strength and teamwork. The relay races were won by the Normans and the Vikings in a neck and neck finish.

On Wednesday the Secondary pupils had their hour. They were challenged to throw further, jump higher and run faster, and they did not disappoint. Right across the Secondary school, pupils from every house pushed themselves to achieve their very best. Great technique and style were on display in a number of impressive field performances including double school records set by Sergio (standing long jump and shot put), Celia (shot put and medicine ball push), Yuval (medicine ball push and 10x10 shuttle). 

All in all it was a fantastic week, where the pupils worked towards improving their individual performance whilst working as a team, incorporating our school charter values of ‘Teamwork and Leadership, Independence and self-discipline.’