Art Competition Winners 2020

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
The British International School of Marbella is pleased to introduce you to the 2020 Art Competition Winners. After reviewing a good number of submissions, we've selected the best artwork from our students. 

If you want to check the winners, their artwork and honourable mentions, please click HERE. 

Foundation Stage: 
3rd place: Nika Dudko - The little red hen
2nd place: Nour Luca Farag Ushakov - A dog
1st place: Ariana Thoma - Peri the cat

Lower Primary: 
3rd place: Mira Flora Toth - Untitled
2nd place: Julia Rothschild - Bird
1st place: Karolina Koniashvili - Still life "fruit"

Upper Primary: 
3rd place: Sofiya Sverzhina - Dog at Christmas
2nd place: Constantine Ushamirskiy - Koi Karp
1st place: Soleyman Ouzzani - Untitled

1st place: Olesia Chaudry - Landscape

1st place: Hala Awad - Ballerina

3rd place: Loore Helena Punga - Winter landscape
2nd place: Alexandra Kharchenko - Sailing Vessel at sunset
1st place: Alexander Leon - The striking sea

Maria Kharchenko - Mountain Landscape

These great pieces will be prominently featured on display around the school. We want to thank everyone for taking part of this year's competition. Students, parents and teachers have proven their fantastic talent! Congratulations!