BISM Sports Academy

The BISM sports academy has kicked off in style!
Friday, October 9, 2020
The BISM sports academy has kicked off in style! Specialist coaches in basketball, football and swimming have been training our BISM budding athletes. Every Friday the training culminates in competitive competition, teaching our pupils the importance of sportsmanship and winning and losing with grace.
Pupils can choose two hour-long sessions each evening after school and with so much sport on offer, pupils have been able to return to their pre-lockdown fitness levels! 

Star performers: 

Nicolas- U8 

Nicolas has been showing excellent skill throughout football sessions, his dribbling abilities and desire to improve have caught the attention of our coaches. Keep up the good work Nicolas! 

Isabella F U14 

Isabella has made incredible progress with her swimming strokes in just five weeks! She has worked exceptionally hard to learn the technique of the four main strokes and is now executing each one with style!

Sofía BC, U8 

Sofia has made a big improvement in her swimming style. It has been wonderful to see how passionate she is about swimming and she should be commended on her excellent attitude. 

Lucas Z U14

Lucas has made a fantastic contribution to the sports academy. Not only does he demonstrate an outstanding level of skill, he also has helped organise teammates and shows natural leadership qualities. 

As we are unable to compete against other schools at the moment we will be working hard to incentivise the students in the sports academy and keep their skills sharp, ready for future competitions. More about this will come later!