BISM Superstar - Talent Show

BISM Superstar - Talent Show
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Last Friday we saw the finals of the BISM Years to 1 to 4 Talent Show - BISM Superstar! The Primary School was treated to a feast of spectacular performances from some of our youngest, most courageous and definitely talented children.  

Ted opened the show and delighted the audience with his funny jokes. Giada then thrilled us with some excellent gymnastics to the song Mi Gente. Next were Amelia and Olivia, who performed some incredible gymnastics. They were followed by Ayah, Giulia and Skye who undeniably won the hearts of the crowd with their cuteness as they sang Do you want to build a snowman? from Frozen. 

Demonstrating the breadth of talent we have at BISM, Luka was up next with his electric guitar blasting out the power ballad that is The Unforgiven by Metallica. After it was Santa and Emilia’s turn, they sang Roar with musicality and presence. Micol followed and dazzled the audience with her contemporary dance skills, they were amazing!

We were then wowed by a beautiful song from Spencer, which he had written himself! Oscar, Valeria, Tohar, Esther, Maya, Phoebe and Zack then took to the stage, and together they gracefully sang Cover me in Sunshine, much to the delight of the crowd. Paula was next to take the mic and as usual, she did not disappoint, with her version of Levitating. 

Isabella, Leah, Olivia K, Natasha, Zoey and Valentina then took our breath away with an excellently choreographed and well synced gymnastics routine. We then moved on to the penultimate act who was Florrie. She amazed us all with her stage presence and dance moves to Believer. Sergio had the challenge of bringing the Final to a close, and he left the audience spellbound by his phenomenal breakdancing. 

It was then over to the judges (Mr Moore and Mrs Thomas) who had the unenviable task of choosing a top three from all the incredible performances. Whilst they mulled over their decisions,  we had a surprise performance from some of the teachers, who inspired by the children, decided to do a performance of their own. Miss Jones played the piano, Miss Flanangan sang, Mr Holden rapped, whilst Alvaro (our drum teacher) and Sebastian (guitar teacher) showed their skills. They performed their own song ‘BISM Superstar’.

Mr Moore and Miss Thomas emerged with their verdicts and made it clear that the standard was very high and choosing 3 top placed winners was not easy…

In 3rd place was Paula, in 2nd place was the gymnasts: Isabella, Leah, Olivia K, Natasha, Zoey and Valentina, leaving the title of first place to....

Santa and Emilia! Congratulations Superstars! 

Thank you to Miss Jones for organising the event, Mr Holden and Miss Whizz for hosting and all other staff involved in many different ways to make this year's successful Talent Show. Also, thanks to the parents for their support, on Friday in the theatre and in advance in helping the children prepare. Finally, thank you to the fantastic children for being brave enough to give it a go and entertaining us in the heats and finals with so many tremendous performances.