Extended Curriculum

By Lara P and Maya A Year 7
Monday, February 1, 2021

Sophia from Y5 very much enjoys her board game EC which she takes. Ruby really enjoys ‘Pirate’ EC with Ms. Johnson. They are getting educated about the myths and history of the legendary pirates; She also discovered that pirates stay on their ships all day long and sleep-in bunk beds, after she asked a very intelligent question. They also did some arts and crafts and painted some pirate ships that Ruby even hung up, that’s how much she likes it. Yasmine in Year 6 does a gymnastics class that she absolutely adores, Yasmine says that she has been doing it since she was 6 YEARS OLD! Miss Bruce has a responsibility to make sure they do their stretches before teaching them her wonderful If gymnastics skills. Yasmine would like to learn how to do an ‘Ariel’. She says that she probably won’t be able to complete it, but we know that she can do it. Thank you, Miss Bruce, for teaching this module that makes the students here happy.