Extended Curriculum

By Lara , Maya A, Victoria, Italia and Amelia
Monday, February 15, 2021
We went to interview some people from Primary about the EC’s. Sarah from Year 4 says she enjoys doing Music Workshop because she can be creative, and you can sing whatever song you want. Polina from year 6 said that her favourite EC is Handball and Gymnastics because it´s fun playing sports and doing gymnastics and she also likes the teachers. Jarvis is from year 4 and his favourite EC is swimming because they get to practise for competition. Dominique from year 4 enjoys swimming because you can get into the water and it's refreshing. Anastasia enjoys art she says it is fun and makes her calm and relaxed after sports. In art they sketch and have normal conversations. She chose art because it is something that she enjoys. Martina chose table tennis because she thought that it would be fun and something that she can do at home. She enjoys the sport, not only at school but at home too!