A Glint of Gold

Lower School Production
Friday, March 23, 2018

Over the past few days, children at BISM’s Lower School impressed the audience with their mesmerizing production, ‘A Glint of Gold’. When you’re watching it, you travel back in time to 1922 when Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon and Lady Evelyn discover the tomb of Tutankhamun! You learn the story with comedy and amazing facts.


The children worked very hard for three weeks by practising their lines, preparing costumes and learning lots of songs. “They’ve worked very hard on their production,” said Miss Marseglia, a teacher in Lower School. The audience laughed to tears at the jokes and at the mummification scene.


This was truly an amazing show and I think it’s impossible to make it any better. The last show was on Friday 16th March at BISM. I hope you enjoyed it!


      By Sacha Ortiz, Year 4