School News

School News
Monday, April 12, 2021
In Primary this week the Student Council has helped to generate some excellent initiatives. In Big Debates Years 1 to 6 will simultaneously debate the same issue and the results will be shared live in every participating classroom. The issues for the debates have been chosen by the students themselves and the first one will be ¨Should children be allowed to bring toys to school?¨ Other initiatives include the Multiplication Champion where teachers and students will go head to head in assembly to show off their times tables skills.
In Secondary this week the Year 9's and their parents will be joining us for the GCSE Options Evening where the students will select their options, allowing them to embark on the next step of their school career.

In other news the BISM football teams have triumphed again. Our Benjamín team won 6-3 vs Sport Cab B and our Infantil team won 3-1 vs Atletico Marbellí with a very impressive hat-trick from Charlie O’B!

Upcoming events : Don´t forget on 30th April will be celebrating the wonderful, creative world of poetry, with 'Poem in your Pocket Day'. It's very simple, just carry your favourite poem in your pocket all day and share it with as many people as possible.